Cycles and Synchronicities

This is an interesting piece about cycles and synchronicities, click here. How much choice in the outcome of an action (and the action itself) do we really have? We all flow with the waves of the universe, and are part of a larger process. We can choose to flit this way or that or to turn off or turn on, but always within the confnes of the universal systems of events (SOE). This is not to say that all SOEs are not also subject to perpetual change. In fact, like a flowing river it is always changing. Its null state is change.

The idea of a null state is hard to grasp by many, especially when this null state is change. But even though the particles that make up the river are always changing, it is still a river. Collectively it is a singular unit confined by the boundaries of the SOE surrounding it.

Magick or yoga is simply the observation and influence of an SOE. The SOE undergoing directed change, coordinated by the practioner, can be either one of the many SOEs that is a building block of the practitioner or one that the practioner finds theirself moving within. Above or below. Humans are only a collection of event horizons, just like everything, and our will is merely like the breeze that affects the ripples upon the surface.

The Golden Dawn, a group most active at the turn of the 20th century, recognized that by influencing the SOE making up our consciouness and awareness that profound effects can be rationalized in the individual. By imposing a ceremonial structure to the SOE we want to manipulate the pieces begin to move the way we want them to move. The SOE becomes the system we are invoking. Thus, we can, after the transformation, pick and choose the behavior of the SOE because we are aware of all of the parts comprising it.

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Blackpetunia said...

You are my synchronization of so many things. A whole city of such things, you are.