What is it?

Candyflipping is a term, in the psychedelic community, referring to the combination of LSD and Ecstacy (MDMA). One usually takes the LSD first and when the peak of the trip starts happening, the person takes a "roll" or pill of MDMA. Ecstacy that is readily available "on the streets" is sometimes mixed with MDA or a variety of other substances which have an effect on the overall "flipping" experience. Pure MDMA can be found (commonly referred to as "mol-e"), and this is much preferred to common Ecstacy. Sometimes, a person will take half of a tab of ecstacy and the LSD at the same time. This is reported to be quite pleasurable. And then follow up with some more E when the LSD kicks in fully. After years of research, observing shamans (and being a shaman myself) in the transhuman American urban jungles, I have found some commonality in individual reports of this experience.

The candyflipping experience is sometimes related to the combination of LSD and an extracted, concentrated (10X), salvia divinorum tincture. By the way, it is reported, that a drop of the tincture will do ya'. For several hours. Be well rested. One of the key differences, between the two experiences, is that the salvia-LSD combo has more of a mescaline effect, followed by an intense level of energy (sometimes uncontrollable), for a substantial period of time. On the other hand, the E-LSD combo is... well how to describe it... is a "little slice of heaven" (to be trite). I will get into more specifics but it is hard to be succinct with the experience of this combo.

One anecdote related to the salvia-LSD combo: an acquaintance of mine, from a few yers back, was at a party for summer solstice (midsummer)... Some friends came in from out of town for the party. Eight times a year, this group of people got together, on the major and minor year demarcations (more later), to hang out with each other. There was some semblance of a religion, Wicca, around it, but it was primarily an extended family. The user in this case took some LSD and was waiting for it to come on. After about an hour he said he vaguely felt something but figured it was a dud. So he was socializing around the party and he came upon a friend who was smoking something in a pipe. "Hey dude, you want some?", said the bearer of the pipe to my friend. "What is it?" In the pipe was a 10X salvia compound, salvia leaves doused with a tincture. 

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