What to do when you think things are almost througH #2

Discover another planet.

Some people believe that Nikola Tesla was the first to make it to Mars. (Look it up. Everything you read on the Internet is true, at least when analyzing human behavioral structures.) Remeniscent of the film Total Recall inspired by Philip K Dick's story, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale", we can now travel to Mars.

A seven night wonderful vacation in the lush surroundings (imported from earth and arising from some genetically modified strains of everything) within the Hellas Planitia Hilton Spa and Resort. Full body martian mud baths, made with the iron rich silt mined by indentured slaves (those who give a certain amount of time in exchange for passage to Mars, because they haven't the money) from a depth of up to a kilometer under its red surface. Venus flytraps 2.5 meters hgh, two-headed decorative carp in crystal clear ponds complete with freshwater coral... everyone is naked all the time. And with me being the dirty old man that I am find this aspect of the holiday highly pleasurable.

The Hellas Planitia region of Mars was one of the first to be observed via telescope from earth. It is the largest impact crater on Mars, up to 30 km in depth. We discovered that by using an iron rich glass made from local raw materials to make massive buckyballs, that not only did these structures provide enough energy to heat the area to a comfortable 50 - 72 degrees but also enough excess energy to power 37% of the essential functions of the environment. The environmental systems were comprised of ELF (Extremely Low Friction) engines, that would combine water with the existent martian atmosphere to make a gaseous concoction we were capable of breathing. The pressure in the region was heavy enough to have transient water at temperatures above 0 centigrade. I do not understand the details of the process in depth, but check out this for more details.

The pressure was modulated somewhat but was a couple of times heavier than earth so everyone appeared a bit drawn down. Everyone, the locals mainly or frequent travellers, developed a reddish hue.

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