What to do when you think things are almost througH

Discover our post-hedonic selves.

I have often wondered what things would have been like if I had not been so selfish. Family centrism, or fixation, seems to be the predominant outlook of the universe from the perspective of a large percentage of us. So possibly, thinking that I have been selfish is just some remnant from a time that is best left forgotten. Anything traditional, I despise. Sports and the enthusiasm for them, shared by so many cheap lager drinking men (and an increasing number of women), I just don't understand. I never did.

I remember growing up in suburban hell, during the 1970's and 80's, and , often to my dismay, family seemed to be the main focus of everyone in my immediate vicinity. And on these frequent occasions, the men would sit watching frigging sports and the women would be off in the kitchen cooking something to clog our veins. It made me sick to my stomach, the sports and the food. Not a good mix. It's like getting trashed on alcohol and then smoking a big fat joint; immediate and violent vomitting ensues, at least for me.

But this selfishness is essential to our well being. Selfishness breeds self reliance and ultimate responsibility. Being selfish does not mean that we do not experience love. In fact, the love is much more powerful because it has intent behind it. This love is not of convenience or lust (entirely) or money or mundane survival. Love by choice for the sake of loving. Lacking expection of a reward, this love transcends the spheres and helps us vibrate at a frequency with a resonance that let's us tap into the completeness of knowing our true selves and our place in the universe.

Not to be too cliche, but all roads lead to nowhere and their features and structure change based upon the conscious thought that is travelling them. The boundaries of the road define the route we can take and the experiences we can have along the way. Within the boundaries of the road to nowhere, we have many choices, but we never have an infinite amount of choices.

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